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Practicing Without a Kit Part #2

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The following examples take the framework used in part #1: this time we're swapping between singles / doubles / paradiddles each bar. Once again be sure to count out loud and check your timing against a meteronome.

This exercise is great for building control, it challenges your ability to feel the subdivision changes while also keeping on top of the sticking. Head spinning stuff! Enjoy...

...Right!? 6 nice ideas there to keep you busy, be sure to try playing with your weaker hand leading as well.

For extra points: Use a dice to put together phrases, roll 4 times to create a 4-bar phrase (EG - 1/2/3/4). This will help you find cool musical ideas hidden amongst the rudiments!

Apologies for my scrappy writing! Drop an email if you want the PDF version -


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