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Paradiddle Permutations (For: Fairly Confident Players)

Morning practie pad fans, in this post we're hammering the paradiddle again. This is a really tidy way to play around with them. I can't remember where I heard about this exercise, I didn't come up with it... either way, check it out.

We start with a single paradiddle, accenting the start of each group of 4 (Probably how you naturally play them) A friendly start.

Then we're onto a rerverse paradiddle, a rudiment I passionately dislike. Notice how the accent has shifted to be on '+' rather than the 1. If you read the pattern from the accent you'll notice it becomes a single paradiddle, moved foward in the bar to sit around the pulse differently. I've attempted to highlight this in the sheet music to supplement my poor explanation...

Same again with the inverted paradiddle, a rudiment I passionately think is pretty ok. This time the accent lands on 'A' (as in the last 1/16th note of each beat when we count 1E+A)

These are nice on their own as well as creating a tasty phrase if you move through the whole sheet in one...

Written with right handed sticking so I'd like to offer a heartfelt apology to the left handed community. Soz.

Feel free to drop me an email with any questions or to claim a glorious PDF off this concept. (


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